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10 ridiculous things about the idea of greening

Printer companies make environmentally friendly by eliminating paper and ink 
 Many say the printer can use the paper as the print media, but in fact there are printers that can print a paper other than the printer PrePeat. Unlike the usual Printer, Printer Prepeat using plastic made specifically for that printer. Ait resistant plastic, not easily fade, and can delete them dugunakan back to the way back. Printer Manufacturers are claiming that plastic can dugunakan up to 1000 times. So you can save in the use of paper and medukung greening program.

A hotel that offers free meals if the guest is willing to produce electricity 

In Copenhagen, Danish, Hotel is named Crown Plaza Hotel offers to guests a free meal if they want to ride with the cycle attached to the generator for electricity for the hotel was yielding. Strange indeed that, but what can I say. The hotel was trying to save electric energy from nature, then man's power becomes. If guests are willing to do that, then they are required to bicycling produces approximately 10 watts of electricity, approximately 15 minutes. Then after they were given free food package worth $ 36. Well for you who want a free meal, please come to the hotel.

Disco pub get electric when many people are dancing on the floor

The blinking lights and music fast became the largest electricity consumers. Club owner, Andrew Charalambous, deliberately making the floor that can generate electricity. The floor is equipped with water, if the floor was trampled by the pendugem mania, then the floor will generate electricity that will be in store in the batteries and then used to offset the electrical load some clubs. now the floor could get 60 percent of its electric power needs of the club. Tasty too well, clubbing while producing electricity. May be clubbing while saving electricity.

University of roof construction used as a gathering place 

Green Architectural Design is a trend today. University with a green roof is located at the University of Art and Design at the Nanyang Technological University precisely in Singapore. With the creativity of Architecture, the University had wanted to symbolize the structure of the magnificent buildings and unique but can be accompanied by a greening area of high technology. Various kinds of plants and grass is widely available in the roof. The roof serves as space for informal meetings. In addition to the meeting, the roof can create a cool atmosphere for the surrounding region, protecting the building, creating open space and a place of irrigation in the event of rain.

The sink concept in which the water flows to grow crops 

Designed by young aristektur named Jean-Michel Gauvreau Montreal. The sink is called Zen Garden Sink is made of concrete that dipolesitu allows for spraying the plants with the water from the exhaust when washing hands. The sink has a single or dual concave shape. Before the plant was getting washed in water, the residual soap that had been used for hand washing are discarded main dipembuangan, precisely at the bottom of the basin. So initially the water will be filtered before watering the plants.

A designer who creates the light that changes color to teach children how to save energy

Teaching the importance of energy conservation is of great galvanized currently is the purpose of a designer named Tim Hooley he called Tio's tool. Tio is a lamp shaped like a ghost. Tools that can provide a visual reminder to children, how much energy they have used one of them in the use of light. Tio will be colored Green and smiled when the use of light was not too long. But Tio will change to yellow in color and fit shocked face lights up when the lights around for more than four hours. And if the lights are on for eight hours more, Tio's sweet, cute, funny, Tio changed to red with angry looking face complete with ekspressi face that looked very unfriendly. From that statement we can conclude the importance of learning to save energy and energy conservation to children. Tio But not only is visually reminiscent of the habit, Tio will send the information generated from the light switch had been sent to a computer program, so that people and children who had been making angry or sullen Tio can see how they are wasting enrgi with gratuitous. As such, this tool allows your children grow a sense of thrift enrgi and so can be kids who can make green back ground.

A Brothel offers discount services to customers who use a bicycle 

A Brothel in Berlin offers an innovative way, that is by pulling pelangannya with brothel services for free if they go to a place with the use of bicycles. Before you get the discount, customers were asked whether riding a bike just for fun or reduce global warming. Well, if the answer to reducing heating customers, then customers will get a discount.

A company that makes Stapler environmentally friendly material

Staples may be viewed as a tool that is currently polluting the environment. Thus a company plans to create a stapler that is free from environmental destruction. This tool is promising environment-friendly materials. Evidenced by the article is made of thin metal.

Iphone designers created a device that generates energy from the hand grip 

Designed by Mac Funamizu. He created a device that generates energy from the battery clasp. The point is that energy will be generated if the device is swung swung like Toya. Enegi saving ideas that could also be exercises for hand strength.

A shower that forced to exit when using too much hot water 

20 percent of energy from the earth we have been drawn by the hot water used for bathing. That lebi than six times the use of domestic lighting. Designer Tommaso Colia then planning a shower that if too much force you use hot water. Eco Drop will force you to exit from the bathroom when they spent a lot of hot water

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Anara Tower Building Concept

Anara Tower Building Construction of the tower is the work of the best architecture in the world today. Can be seen from the building can be predicted with high skyscraper towers approximately 700 meters. The plan of the tower located in Dubai it will build about 300 apartments.

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Twilight Fans Photos

You just do not believe the photo below? Photos below are the fans of the movie "Twilight." They intentionally come to this place precisely in the center of Rome just to see the promotional film that is "Twilight Eclipse, and the most-awaited by them is the cast film. They flocked to the red carpet just to get photos together, or only merely to ask for a signature.

They were willing to camp at the place of the previous days. Wow truly Fans "Twilight" really them.

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The Amazing Art Work Combined

remarkable creativity of Tiago Hoisel very beautiful. he makes ordinary things become very alive that emerged from the body itself whether it is an image or the other. The photos below show the beauty of the painting that looked alive. He connects art pictures, tattoo art and natural art.

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Unique Greenhouse From Belgum

Town House. The house was deliberately created by Bassam El-Okeily of Egypt. A house with two balconies This has the uniqueness of the wall in the daytime, and if at night the house was to give the amazing work of art caused by the light within it.

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Making Plans Island Recycling

A collection of the Dutch team of researchers plans to make the island the size of the island of Hawaii are fully made of approximately 44 million kilograms of plastic waste

The island's recycling plan will be created from a collection of plastic waste that is currently floating around the Pacific Ocean. He said that the island is an environmental vision for the future. Wave energy and solar power will be used to defend the island from any interference. It can carry 500 000 island residents who will stay on the island.

The aim of the project include: * To clean sea disposal of plastic sampaah large. * Creates a new field that allows you to build habitats.

The team plans to recycle plastic waste in the trash that floats Pasifk utara.Kumpulan plans serve as the area of the island land area of 10,000 km square. They also hope to create a region that can be used as farmland, so the residents who live there, can provide food for its inhabitants.

Hopefully, these plans can be executed well, so that waste is currently rampant everywhere can be a useful project for a future life.

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Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Explanation About The Morning Glory Cloud

The Morning Glory is a long-form clouds that often occur in northern Australian precisely in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Morning Glory is a very rare natural phenomenon occurs, because the morning glory is long Roll clouds can reach 620 miles (1000 km) and height of the cloud when seen from the surface can reach 1-2 km. These clouds can also be referred to as the Solitary or Soliton Wave, which is a fast-moving solo wave without affecting or changing its shape. The movement of this cloud reached speeds of up to 37mph (60km / h). In front of the Morning Glory cloud, there is strong vertical motion, which caused air transport through the clouds that make the front appear to roll. While the air in the middle and behind will be turbelen and sinks.

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