Sabtu, 24 Juli 2010

Researchers have discovered a tomb of the gladiator with a fatal wound

Like the gladiators of the films in general, that the Gladiator has been linked with the history of ancient Rome. But for this time of the Historians believe that it really happened in the past, the evidence they were able to find the remains and graves of the Gladiator in the North of England

The Historians estimate that the remains of the Gladiator was already 2,000 years old. These skeletons found by archaeologists when they were digging a residential area in York, and they found a skeleton which has a very fatal scar. 

The historian interprets that the scar was probably caused by the grip of Tiger in the Arena, or by another hammer blow to the Gladiators. Perhaps the Gladiator was trying to entertain the audience with a thirst for blood. 

Historians initially baffled by their findings. Previously they thought that the remains were probably the result of mass slaughter. But there is a team of archaeologists who confirmed that the findings were the result of the Gladiator. The team was called "Waking The Dead" 

They say that injuries or injuries resulting from the findings of their skulls had been the result of Tiger bites. Just as portrayed by Russell Crowe in Gladiator, they are expected to fight to the death.
Some evidence shows that the Gladiators were wounded by weapons, there is also experiencing a large bite may be the same size with the size of the lion or tiger teeth 


  Other evidence also proved that the Gladiator was described as very strong and high. The bones they showed no signs that they are muscular and very strong.
  Antropolgi forensic doctor called Dr. Michael Wysocki said: "The bite marks were produced by the Tigers showed that they were the Gladiator. It seems highly unlikely if the bodies were bitten by a tiger just because they're walking home from a pub in York 2000 years ago.. '"

State may bring the Gladiators of Rome to Britain nearly 2000 tahunyang ago, and they placed disebuah Amphitheatres arena built in the Roman cities which may go to London and Chester area.
An archaeologist from the 'York Arkelog Trust', named Kurt Hunter-Mann, said that the Gladiators were experiencing a lot of bite wounds dihasilkab Tigers including a hammer blow to the head. It is known as a method known the Gladiators to attack the opponent. 

Analysis of the bone under study has shown that the Gladiator was coming from every corner of the territory, including Africa and the Mediterranean with a strong mendatangan the Gladiator

Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

11 The Creative Robot Made From Recycled Trash

1. Giant Styrobot 

This robot replica made entirely of recycled Styrofoam waste. Michael Salter is a successful build robots as tall as 21 feet. He also managed to turn waste into something creative and unique.

2. MotorCycleMan

MotorCycleMan created by designers from RoboSteel. This robot is almost entirely made from motorcycle parts not used anymore. Robots are made around 750 hours, standing nearly two meters and has standard features that other motorcycles. But there is also a hidden feature.
parts from this bike a lot to take materials from Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles.

3. Autobot Optimus Prime 

This robot is completely made from recycled metals. This robot has about 7 feet tall and weighs 550 pounds. This robot could be the toughest robot from other robots. The price offered for this robot even more expensive, cost about $ 6,900.

4. TypeWriter Recycled Robot 

This unique robot is made of machine Tik. This robot is not in the way of making use glue, pengatrian, welding, or other means for assembly. This robot was made by Jeremy Maye. 

5. Optimus Prime Replica 


Made of glass windows that are part of his chest, a TV antenna, an old roof, some teeth, and some used tires that complements the fruit in the manufacture of replica robot. This robot has a height of 14 feet.

6. DIY Wall-E Robot Toy  

This toy robot made from kitchen waste. For example an empty yogurt cups, cereal boxes, paper tubes pemungkus, tape dispenser is empty, emeber, and plastic beverage holder. Robot toys are designed Filth Magic. But the robot can not be helped in household chores such as in the movie. However, this robot can at least entertain the kids to play. 

7. Bumble Bee Replica

Robotic replica is entirely made from recycled motorcycle parts are not used anymore.

8. Giant Robot Transformer  

This giant transformer is made of used cars and scrap metal. This robot is standing in the city of Tashkent, about 40 km (25 miles) south of the port of Odessa, the Black Sea.

9. Speaker Robot 


This robot is valued around $ 550. The Speaker Robot has a 78.5-inch height made from electronic scrap. Robot replica is powered by the Adapter, Stpokontak Walls, battery or USB, can also be used for MP3 Player. 

10. WEEE Man  

Created by the British Royal Society of Arts who mengambill materials of electrical equipment that is not used anymore. It weighed about 3.3 tons and standing firmly at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

11. Transformers Robots in Recycled Steel  

Made from 5,000 unique parts from recycled steel taken from the car and TV. The sculpture in welded and polished in order to stand upright with the included 2.5 meter high. This robot made entirely from recycled steel, and the robot was made by the youth of RoboSteel.
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