Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

10th Design Creative webcams

1.Teddy Bear Webcam
Appreciated around Rp.126.000. The cute doll has a Webcam which is located in the nose with high resolution and full color. This webcam is supported by a USB cable and a backup cable so if you miss a single cable, it will have to back up.

2.Little Man's Foot Webcam

Little Man's Foot Webcam is priced around Rp.135.000. Consistent with the name of this Webcam is shaped like your foot's so funny, can also be funny in your house accessories. This webcam comes with LED lights.

3.Ladybug Webcam

Appreciated around Rp.145.000 provide resolution 1.3 Megapixel camera, integrated microphone in the control line, and six LEDs Night Vision. Webcam so you can wear this little place that is light or dark place.

4.Missile Launcher Webcam

Webcam is priced around Rp.270.000. Webcam is very unique because it can launch missiles webcams. only are there three missiles in this Webcam. So you can battle each other with your opponent when he is at work, at home, and anywhere.

5.Doctor Who Dalek Webcam

Webcam is priced around Rp.336.000. This webcam has a Plug and Play, and LED light to notify you when the Webcam is switched on, this Webcam lens Doors will open by itself if you are on the front or sit in front of him. High-quality microphone allows for sending the same sound with the video.

6.Mr. Burns Webcam

Mr.Burns Webcam is priced around the Rp. 350 000. It presents the presence of a webcam so scary. Mr.Burns which looks to face a straight face hideous. Coupled with his position that looks very challenging with a keen eye.

7.Novo Minoru Webcam
Novo Minoru 3D Webcam looks cute and adorable occurred. This webcam valued around Rp. 455 000. This innovative webcam video show live chat in 3D format and mnyediakan easy connectivity via USB port.

8.Hello Kitty Webcam

For you who are really lovers of Hello Kitty, now existing webcams shaped just like Hello Kitty. Webcam is priced around Rp.656.000. This cute Hello Kitty can be used as real-time data transmission to PC via USB. This webcam can be easily carried everywhere because of the Practical.

9.Star Trek Webcam

This webcam valued around Rp. 786 000. See the shape that may not be very strange in the eyes of the people, this Webcam plucked form of Star Trek. Wecam can also be paired through a USB cable.

10.WowWee Rovio Webcam

WowWee Rovio Webcam valued around Rp.1.237.000. This webcam will be easy to move with ease if there is a Wi-Fi signal. Rovio can also be used to guard the house, check on pets, and others. This webcam comes with a sophisticated video camera because it can detect human presence.

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