Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Making Plans Island Recycling

A collection of the Dutch team of researchers plans to make the island the size of the island of Hawaii are fully made of approximately 44 million kilograms of plastic waste

The island's recycling plan will be created from a collection of plastic waste that is currently floating around the Pacific Ocean. He said that the island is an environmental vision for the future. Wave energy and solar power will be used to defend the island from any interference. It can carry 500 000 island residents who will stay on the island.

The aim of the project include: * To clean sea disposal of plastic sampaah large. * Creates a new field that allows you to build habitats.

The team plans to recycle plastic waste in the trash that floats Pasifk utara.Kumpulan plans serve as the area of the island land area of 10,000 km square. They also hope to create a region that can be used as farmland, so the residents who live there, can provide food for its inhabitants.

Hopefully, these plans can be executed well, so that waste is currently rampant everywhere can be a useful project for a future life.

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